Hello and Welcome to my Webpage.

I am Riad Toufic Abi Saleh, Aesthetic and Reconstructive surgeon practicing in Lebanon.  I am a European Board certified plastic surgeon and an active member of the Lebanese and International societies of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

My passion to surgery, science of beauty and to art in general lead me to choose the Field of Plastic Surgery. After graduating from Saint Joseph University in Beirut, I received five years of extensive training in Plastic, Aesthetic and Cranio-Facial surgery at Hotel Dieu de France Hospital. The program included both the reconstructive (traumatology, pediatric plastic surgery, burn reconstruction and tumors) and Aesthetic aspects of the field. During the residency, I pursued microsurgery training and obtained the Diploma in 2010.

In 2012, I traveled to Paris, seeking more experience and more opportunities. I pursued my training in Saint Joseph Hospital – Paris, under the supervision of Prof. Philipe Levan, focusing on Facial Aesthetic and Post Bariatric (After Massive Weight Loss) surgery. I obtained the DFMS (Diplôme de formation médicale spécialisée) from Paris VII University, as well as the Surgical Anatomy Diploma from Paris V University.

During my stay in Paris, I had the chance to work with French and Worldwide Known Pioneers of the Plastic surgery field such as Prof. Francoise Firmin and Prof. Claude Le Louarn.

In order to enthrone the journey, I presented and succeeded the European Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, which was held in Brussels and Helsinki.

As part of continuous medical education, I attend regularly national and international Plastic Surgery meetings as a speaker and/or listener.



I am currently settled in Beirut, Lebanon, practicing in:

  • Two University Hospitals (Bellevue Hospital and Bhannes Hospital)

  • Two private clinics (Hazmieh International Medical Center and CK Medical Center) and I am ready to answer your needs in the Aesthetic and Reconstructive fields.


I am also visiting Riyadh (KSA) monthly and consulting in ‘’The Clinics” – Al Tahlya Street, Olaya Area (+966 11 465 19 19) and operating in private and public Hospitals in the Kingdom.